November 1, 2014

Now Playing: Leighton Meester's Heartstrings

November 1, 2014

As a huge Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf fan it seemed about right to check out Leighton Meester's debut album, Heartstrings. And what a wonderful surprise it is. Her nine track album is a great departure from her "Somebody to Love" and "Good Girls Go Bad" days. Don't get me wrong pop suits her well but this...this is so much better! Filled with smooth hooks, soft melodies, and Meester's delicate but good-sounding voice, Heartstrings is a winner.

The first single coyly named after the album is powerfully written. "Had to save my own self from all of your evil games and now it ain't the same." Is it too soon to say the song does indeed tug at my heartstrings? Something about this song and the rest of the album really relaxes me and makes me feel cozy. To me it sounds folky, acoustic, and like an instant classic. I applaud Leighton for releasing such a great quality album in the days where booties and "I've been drinking" is all people are listening to. What a breath of fresh air! Take a look at Leighton's video for Heartstrings below:

Any fans of Leighton Meester's music?


  1. Love Leighton and didn't even know she had a new album out! This is great :)

    1. Hi Nicole! Yes you should definitely check it out. It's soo good!


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